Why Not Choose Love: A Mary Pickford Manifesto

Feature // currently in POST-PRODUCTION // 2017


The Girl with the Curls is a poetic journey, using the language of film to hopscotch through time.  The story illuminates the artistry, passion, and dignity that moves Mary Pickford through her groundbreaking and controversial world.  


"Ultimately, this film is a celebration of humanity; of wisdom; of the gift to visualize, imagine, and create. In essence, it is a celebration of the power of the mind and of femininity."

- Jennifer DeLia, Director of The Girl with the Curls


cast //                                                                                    

Sophie Kennedy Clark,  Luke Arnold, Cary Elwes, Summer Phoenix, Fran Kranz, Balthazar Getty, Adam Fergus, Scott Haze,  Joséphine De La Baume, Jane Stiles, Angela McCluskey, Mike Sirow, Allie MacDonald

creative team // 

Dan Kneece (Director of Photography); Mitch Dubin and Dan Gold (camera operators); Jan Archibald (hair designer); Sally Sutton Craven  (makeup designer); Colleen O'Halloran and Michelle Patterson (production designers); Amit Gajwani (costume designer)  

Billy Bates

Feature // 2014




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credits //

starring: James Wirt, Savannah Welch, Josephine de La Baume, Margherita Missoni, Bob Juergens
director: Jennifer DeLia
writer: Jennifer DeLia
producer: Jennifer DeLia, Julie Pacino, Robert B. MacCready, Ron Stein
cinematographers: Salvador Bolivar, Mike Washlesky
editors: Luis Ascanio, Barry Farrell, Matt Garner
production design: Christopher Stull
costume design: Anya Taraboulsy
Hair/make up: Lisa Choi, Tara Cooper, Laura Jefferson
scenic art: David Michael Ableman
sound: Matthew Chan, Christopher Guglick, Rob Hutchins
lighting: Rick Carmona
distribution: Amplify Releasing



Short // 2009



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credits //

starring: Jennifer DeLia, Sean Kanan, James Wirt, Ty Simpkins, Josephine De La Baume, Beth Grant
script: Julie Pacino, Jennifer DeLia
director: Julie Pacino
producer: Jennifer DeLia
director of photography: Bradford Young, Luke McCoubrey
original music: Ryan Welker
editors: Joe Krings, Kyle Gilman, Louise Ford, Craig Weiserman, Branan Edgens
production design: Aiyana Trotter
wardrobe: Amit Gajwani
hair/make up: Cristina Joane, Alexandra Kwiakowski, Hiro Goto